50 Cent Caught a Case, Again


Curtis 50 Cent Jackson has been charged with domestic violence and vandalism against ex-girlfriend. 50 cent shares one child with his ex-girlfriend of three years. 50 Cent attorney stated, “Curtis Jackson denies these allegations as made against him.” 50 Cent reportedly kicked the woman and damaged over $7,000 dollars of property,according to

This incident is still under investigation.

Flight Bound to Chicago Diverted


American Eagle 3172 flight from Albuquerque to Chicago  was diverted to Kansas City at 11:30am Tuesday in order to remove an unidentified man who attempted to exit the aircraft. This was the second incident in a span of a few days that the unidentified man was involved in. The first incident occured on Monday as the man attepted to exit for a smoke on a flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte. No charges have been filed and all passengers are safe.