Lamar Odoms roommate saw him do crack

According to TMZ the NBA player Lamar Odom ex roommate Polina Polonsky stated she saw him do crack and act very weird. Polonsky is a lawyer and lived with Odom for 6 weeks she also said Odoms wife Khloe Kardashian forced herself into the apartment and removed Odom in a rage. After the incident with Khloe, Polonsky received vulgar texts from Odom accusing her of being a whore and drug addict. Polonsky does not believe those texts came from Odom but from Khloe. Full interview is on TMZ Live.


State Trooper Shot and Killed

Paul Butterfield a Michigan state trooper and Army veteran was shot and later died during surgery in Munson Medical Center on Monday night after a routine stop. The suspects car was located at a gas station due to Butterfield calling in the description before he was shot. The suspects, a woman and man were involved in a shoot out with police. One of the suspects was shot in the leg and both are in custody according to Michigan State Police.

Pullman neighborhood to open a walmart with a new bus stop

The fight for retailers to invest in The Pullman neighborhood was not easy because of it’s high unemployment rate,high crime stats and the resistance from Unions. Walmarts promise to pay workers higher than the minimum wage was what made the deal go through. Alderman Anthony Beale was vocal about the CTA adding a bus stop closer than the half mile stop near by. The CTA will open a new bus stop on Wednesday. The new Walmart will employ 400 full and part timers.

Dedrian-LOGO-3Dedrian-LOGOMonday July 15,2013

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Wiz Khalifa Weds Amber Rose


Rapper Khalifa Wiz has married Amber Rose, they share one child. The couple plan to have a fall wedding. Amber Rose is no stranger to dating powerful rappers like Kanye West.