Why is Batman so Dreamy Part 2

Ok so my inclination towards Batman has been established in my previous post . The next next best thing has happened and it’s the news that has caused anger and shock  for the Batman movie franchise.


That’s right Ben Affleck has been named to play Batman in the next film Batman-Superman due to open in theaters summer of 2015. Yes the Bostonian handsome star will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.The news has caused backlash, basically everyone is hating on poor Ben. The internet flooded with funny memes and negative comments about Ben taking on this role-especially twitter! Check out i09‘s website for some of the most wicked awesome tweets and pictures like these:

responses-to-ben-affleck-batman-002-500x565                             oobviCG                     NEAKhlPBaobNDJ_1_7

The main reason why so people are not happy with the casting  sue to the less than good by Affleck in Daredevil.  The less than stellar chemistry between Affleck and Jennifer Garner was noted on screen and felt in the box office numbers. Well at least one good thing came out of that movie as Affleck met his future wife Jennifer Garner on set.


After the movie Affleck was quoted as saying about Daredevil had,  “inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero. So why would Affleck play another superhero, maybe it’s the reason Oscar he received for the movie  Argo.

I don’t really care the reason behind his decision as long as the suit fits in all the right spots! In all honestly I understand the backlash because I also saw the huge flops that were Gigli and Jersey Girl. I also agree with the casting because Affleck has proved he not only can act let’s remember Mallrats, Chasing Amy and The Town. Affleck can also write he co-wrote and co-starred in Good WIll Hunting which won the Academy Award and Golden Globe. He has been in the business since he was a child so Affleck obviously has become a huge movie star for a reason.

I am not sure why people are all up in arms about the casting as it is nothing new. The same fuss was made when Micheal Keaton was cast as Batman. Christian Bale was the crowd favorite to take up the role of batman again but he said no. This backlash will only help the hype to make this Batman a huge blockbuster. Earlier this week the internet was on fire when the rumor that  Justin Bieber was cast as Batman’s sidekick Robin.  It turned out to be a joke as was proven with an earlier tweet from Justin that suggested it was for funny or die.


Now, while everyone focuses on the lead role the real focus should be on the director. After Tim Burton exited as director the following Batman movies did not have the same super dark vision that Burton is known for. Burton’s Batman was very different than the 1960’s comical Batman series. Zack Snyder is set to director the Superman-Batman film this time and he did a great job in Man of Steel.

The expectations are high and I truly think Afflecks will have people flocking to the movies.  Batman will forever stay dreamy in my eyes even if he does have a Boston accent.


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